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Aurier: 'Win the title back'

From Week 38 of the Ligue 1 season to the Coupe de France final via Maxwell's last match at the Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain defender Serge Aurier went through the whole range of the Club's news.

Serge, what are your thoughts on Paris Saint-Germain's season?
"Our main objective, the French title, got away from us. Some say our season has been bad. Personally, I don't think so. We still have a trophy to win, the Coupe de France. If we manage to do that, we will have won three of the four national trophies. That's not bad! We didn't manage to win the league. But, in history, that has already happened to a lot of good teams. It has to serve as a lesson for the future. We're impatient for next season to win back the title and celebrate it in style."

How does the competition for places work with Thomas Meunier?
"For everyone, his arrival last summer was positive. We've seen what he has done since he arrived. He's played some great games. As for the competition for places, it's very good. As I have already said, it's very healthy between us. Thomas is a good person. The coach makes his choices, and both of us accept them. Having said that, you always want to be on the pitch. A player who is on the substitutes' bench and is happy shouldn't be in football! I'm very happy for the club, for me and for him, because it's not easy to arrive at a club like Paris Saint-Germain and make your mark. I hope we'll continue like that, because the two of us wanting to be the best is our strength."

How is the squad approaching the game against Caen?
"We have to play well and win. We're our own biggest enemy. If we decide to do things well, no-one can stop us. On Saturday, we want to finish the season well. It's our last home game, perhaps the last match for some at the Parc des Princes. A great performance would leave the very best of memories. We also want to give our fans a win. We have to remain professional, win and make all those who come the Parc happy."

Maxwell will play his last game...
"He's a great guy, very professional. Since I arrived at Paris Saint-Germain, he's been an example to follow in our dressing room. He's really a model in terms of professionalism. He's fair, honest, and always encouraging us. We youngsters learn a lot from the older ones, and Maxwell is one of those. He's calm, has a lot of talent...we have all taken advantage of that! I've watched him play a lot. I think I'll be emotional on Saturday. He's been very important for us this season, but also throughout his career at Paris Saint-Germain. My heart will cry a little. I hope we'll give him a great win...and that he'll score."

You'll be heading back to the Stade de France the following Saturday for the Coupe de France final...
"We're approaching at as a big game. Angers will come and play to their strengths to try and beat us, which is normal. We know what we have to do. The best way to wipe away the bad memory of not winning the title would be to win this final and add a new trophy to the club's list of honours. It would a third Coupe de France in three years. It would be magnificent! We want to continue winning trophies, so everyone will be motivated. We are used to winning finals. We're going to wait until next week to prepare, but everyone is aware that we have to win the game. We'll give everything."


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