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Kimpembe: 'Things have gone quickly'

Presnel Kimpembe took time out to look back on last season with PSG.FR, a campaign in which this Parisian youth academy product established himself at the highest level.

Presnel, last season was the one which saw you come through at the highest level. How did you feel about this change in status?
"It's true that things have gone quickly for me this season and I'm very happy about that. I had set myself a target of playing 20-25 games last season and I did 27, so it's a source of real satisfaction for me personally."

Your performances have been noticed and rewarded with several call-ups for the senior France side...
"I didn't necessarily expect to be called up so soon. It was a really nice surprise, because that's one of your aims when you're a footballer."

If you had to pick one match out of last season, which one would you choose?
"The first leg against Barcelona (4-0). Both in individual and collective terms, it was the perfect evening. That day, I felt really good. It's the game in which I felt the least pressure. Mentally, I was ready to play that game. Despite the disappointment of the return leg, it's a memory that will always be there at the back of my mind."

Finally, can you tell us something about Edinson Cavani, one of the key men of the season. In your opinion, what makes him so important in the squad?
"His attitude! Edi always has an incredible will to win. He contributes a lot to the team, because even though he plays up front, he doesn't hesitate to drop back and help out defensively. He does all that while also keeping the clear-headedness necessary to stay just as effective in front of goal."